80 Days: Once a Ghost, Always a Ghost

“For two weeks in July I will be on vacation, so there will be no class,” I tell my students. They smile and nod with understanding, most of them either recently returned from their own summer vacations or about to embark on their own. “Where are you going?” They always ask. “Oh, to visit some […]

Pizza West is the Best

Pizza and playing games have always gone together in my life. Whether it was playing Smash Brothers all night at sleepovers in middle school or getting together to lose a lot of games in League of Legends, pizza has always been the go to food. The only thing that has changed as I have gotten […]

Looking Back on Day of Defeat

Me and my brother are sitting side by side, in front of our own two laptops, visibly shaken, angry, and confused. I was close to tears. We were in our early teens and two close friends of ours had just ended their friendship with us over a videogame. That videogame was Day of Defeat, and […]

Failing at Evil

I want to be a bad guy. I want to do bad things to people. I want to be a person who does whatever they want without thinking about the consequences.  I want to be the kind of person I and others would hate.  I want to role be an evil character, but I can never pull […]