Review: Is Loop Hero Even Fun?

Loop Hero is a unique, mysterious, and popular take on the idle game. It seems like everyone is playing it, but then why do they say its no fun?

Review: Not Tonight – The Best Post-Brexit Papers Please

Not Tonight is a game set in an alternate history where the nationalism behind Brexit went completely unchecked and brought in a fascist state in denial and decline. Released two years ago, it was made at a time when there was great uncertainty and fear of what Brexit would bring. Critique of Brexit and nationalist […]

Which Witcher 3 Expansion Should You Buy?

The Witcher 3 has been out for quite a long time now, and often goes on sale on Steam and GOG, along with its expansions. If you are itching to dive back in but not sure which Witcher 3 expansion to pick up, have both and want to know which one to start with, or […]

Review: Stories Untold – Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

Stories Untold is an anthology of 4 small games that draw on 80s nostalgia and technology. That, and old computer interfaces. Each vignette tells a small snack of a story, with the final one closing the thread by combining the previous three into a cohesive narrative. Sort of. The first story is a republishing of […]

West of Loathing Review – A Funny Game but That’s It

West of Loathing takes the aesthetics of the Western genre – cowboys, beans, revolvers, bandits and spittoons – and mixes it with absurdist fantasy borrowed from Kingdom of Loathing. West of Loathing is an RPG, in as much an RPG is about making numbers go up, completing side quests, and collecting too many items. Unlike […]