Transistor: A Love Story

“When everything changes, nothing changes” is the catchphrase of the Camerata, the antagonists of Transistor. They live in Cloudbank, a digital city where the citizens have the ability to change every aspect of the city via a central voting system. Anything that can be voted on is voted on, resulting in choices that reflect the […]

Gods Will Be Watching : Musings, Meanings, Morality

(spoilers) I am in a desert on a planet with two suns. The sergeant of the small troops of soldiers has relinquished authority to me because I outrank him, but I can not remember why, or what my name is. We have only a couple of hours to find our base before the desert or […]

Banner Saga: Chess Between Chapters

  The Banner Saga is one of the few successful videogame Kickstarter projects, pulling in almost 7 times their goal and then actually being released. It combines deep turn based combat with a gripping narrative told in a choose your own adventure style. It ¬†is a game that is unlike most other games, and to […]

Conflict of Narrative and Open World RPGs

The fantastic Hero story is one that we are all too familiar with. An ¬†simple character with an ordinary life who then becomes extraordinary in courage, skill, and cunning and eventually saves the day. This is perhaps one of the oldest stories we know. From Gilgamesh to Lord of the Rings, this archetypal story has […]