Alyx Vance Is Not A Good Game Character

  I finally played Half Life 2 - It was like going to a carnival. Plenty of awesome rides with long waits between them. And then there is Alyx Vance. I had heard so much about this character, about how she raised the bar for female … [Continue reading]

5 Tips to Get Through Your Steam Backlog

Steam has done great things for PC gaming, some might even say it has revitalized the platform by giving a great outlet for indies. But, a terrible side effect of that is your Steam backlog. Steam sales and game bundles have overburdened PC gamers … [Continue reading]

This War of Mine : Should Videogames Be Fun?

We are used to playing powerful characters in videogames, dispensing violent justice as we see fit upon the vagrants of the game world. Almost every character in a videogame is stronger, tougher, and more bad ass than the villains and red shirt … [Continue reading]

Failing at Evil

I want to be a bad guy. I want to do bad things to people. I want to be a person who does whatever they want without thinking about the consequences.  I want to be the kind of person I and others would hate.  I want to role be an evil character, but … [Continue reading]

Gods Will Be Watching : Musings, Meanings, Morality

(spoilers) I am in a desert on a planet with two suns. The sergeant of the small troops of soldiers has relinquished authority to me because I outrank him, but I can not remember why, or what my name is. We have only a couple of hours to find our … [Continue reading]