League of Legends and Dota 2

I have been playing League of Legends for about four years and for most of that time it was the only game I played. So I was definitely biased and taken out of my comfort zone when I was asked to join my friends in learning how to Dota 2. I am … [Continue reading]

Hotline Miami: Questioning Violence in Videogames

I get a phone call. "We need a package delivered to Estate Drive 232, express. The normal driver has fallen ill. Please wear something suitable. *CLICK*". I walk down to my car and head on over. It is a quiet drive. Outside the door, I put on my … [Continue reading]

Banner Saga: Chess Between Chapters

  The Banner Saga is one of the few successful videogame Kickstarter projects, pulling in almost 7 times their goal and then actually being released. It combines deep turn based combat with a gripping narrative told in a choose your own … [Continue reading]

Videogames and Nostalgia

Jagged Alliance 2, X-COM, and Fallout 2 are some of the best games I have ever played and are part of my most beloved franchises, and I am far from alone in that. These games have some of the most hardcore fans ever seen in computer gaming. The … [Continue reading]

Conflict of Narrative and Open World RPGs

The fantastic Hero story is one that we are all too familiar with. An ┬ásimple character with an ordinary life who then becomes extraordinary in courage, skill, and cunning and eventually saves the day. This is perhaps one of the oldest stories we … [Continue reading]