Grinding Destiny 2 Guns Feels Bad. Does It Have To?

Let's talk about Destiny 2 guns. My favorite guns were The Huckleberry and some random rifle I don't remember with two mods I liked on it. These took up the first two weapon slots, and the third - the heavy weapon slot - I kept for the Tractor Cannon … [Continue reading]

West of Loathing Review – A Funny Game but That’s It

West of Loathing takes the aesthetics of the Western genre - cowboys, beans, revolvers, bandits and spittoons - and mixes it with absurdist fantasy borrowed from Kingdom of Loathing. West of Loathing is an RPG, in as much an RPG is about making … [Continue reading]

Wolfenstein 2: New Colossus is Best in Baby Mode

Machine Game’s second Wolfenstein game, The New Colossus, is in many ways a subtle departure from their first. Once again, we take on the role of B.J. Blazkowicz in an alternate timeline where the Nazis won World War 2. The game starts when B.J. … [Continue reading]

The Magic Circle: Review

The Magic Circle is another game in the growing games about games genre. Whereas games like Beginner's Guide focus on the reception of games, and the Stanley Parable ridicule the illusion of choice that games promise to bring, The Magic Circle is … [Continue reading]

Pillars of Eternity: A Review

Sometimes you think you know what you want but once you get it, you realize you never wanted it in the first place. That was my feeling about Pillars of Eternity. In the mood for a big sweeping RPG, I booted it up ready to be taken back to the old … [Continue reading]